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2018 Winners

Goldcorp Cognitive Journey

The complexity of the mining business coupled with the intensity of competition puts a lot of pressure on mining companies to maintain economic viability.

New gold deposits are hard to find, and the process is also expensive. But the price can be reduced with proper planning and research, and it begins with geologists examining the wealth of geological data underneath their feet to identify areas that have economic quantities of gold that can be mined. Over the years, Goldcorp Inc., has gotten pretty good at squeezing out every bit of gold from the deposits they own, but with the help of IBM Watson, they’ve gotten even better.

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Smart Hospitals Enabling Exemplary Patient Experiences

When you head over to Oakville, Ont., a quiet suburb of the Greater Toronto Area, you’ll drive by the palatial and new Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital operated by Halton Healthcare, one of Ontario’s smart hospitals that aims to use technology to cater to the best patient experience.

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Realtime Multilingual Language Detection and Translation Add-on to Customer Support Application

Not only did Calgary-based web solutions provider ComplyWorks have to support a new large multinational customer’s worksite contractors, but it had to do so in 15 different languages.

ComplyWorks handles a lot of complicated tasks, as it streamlines contractor, workforce, and worksite compliance management in over 80 countries, but its didn’t have this multilingual capability – yet. Without that support, contractors could be unable to subscribe to the ComplyWorks system, and thus would be unable to prove that they were compliant with employer and regulatory requirements. They would be unable to work onsite until proof was provided.

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Robotics and 3D Machine Vision: A Smarter Way to do QA Testing

When critical parts roll off a production line, someone has to ensure that they’re built to specification. In some industries like healthcare, a poorly-engineered part that stops a medical device could cost clinic operators $3,000 per hour. In the automotive and aerospace sectors, poor engineering can put customers’ lives in danger.

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Implementing the Resident Assessment Instrument with Lean Methodologies

Mental health will affect one in five Canadians every year, and with so many people being treated there are large amounts of data being collected; however in many cases there are no standards around that collection, creating problems for healthcare providers offering support.

One Montreal-based psychiatric hospital has found a software solution that has helped not only standardize its data, but improve treatment plans and increase admissions by 82 per cent.

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Chatter Research

Understanding consumer habits and how customers think and feel about your businesses can be key to success, but conducting paper or online surveys doesn’t always yield the best results, (and how often do people actually take the time to fill those out anyway); a Toronto-based company is attempting to solve this problem by updating the world of customer feedback with its interactive chatbot.

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