Ingenious Awards 2021:


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Who can nominate?

You do not have to be a legal representative of the company being nominated in order to nominate a project for an Ingenious Award. Typically there are two categories of people who fill out the nomination form – employees from the company that the project was completed for, and technology vendors who may have had a role in a project completed by another organization. However, anyone can nominate any project that falls within our criteria.

Form Walk Through

If the following walk through of each section of the Ingenious Awards Nomination Form  doesn’t answer your questions, please contact Christine Leonard at for more information.

Award Category
The categories for the Ingenious Awards are all explained here.

Who are you nominating?
This is where you fill out the information for the company with the nominated project. The senior company officer who receives the award is typically the CIO or equivalent position, but can be anyone you choose. The marketing/communications contact is also required.

If you are self-nominating (e.g. you work at the company that produced the nominated project), you don’t need to enter any further information. If you are a vendor nominating one of your client companies or are otherwise not affiliated with the company the nominated project was completed for, you’ll need to enter your information.

Project Information
This is the most important aspect of the application to get right. Make sure the answers are clear, demonstrate quantifiable results, and are concise.

Keep in mind when filling out this section that the technology that you are using doesn’t need to be new or cutting-edge in order to qualify; it is the use of the technology that must be innovative. For example, videoconferencing is an older technology, but when used in a health care setting to link up doctors and patients, the use is innovative.

Please see a past winning entry  for more help with filling out this section.

Independent Reference
This should be someone from the company who is nominated for the award who either had a direct hand in the project or can answer questions about it. Marketing and communications personnel are typically selected for this role, but it can be anyone who can answer questions about the project.

Email submissions
If you would prefer to submit your entry by email, please download the form and submit your nomination by email to Christine Leonard at